Tight budget? Try These Ideas for Bathroom Makeover

An average bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles costs around more than $10,000, that often reaches a hefty $30,000 if it is going to be a luxurious one. The pocket pinch often stops many to go for the home improvement project that would have been added value in terms of electric, water and space saving.

However, there are ways you can control the expense to cut down at one-tenth of the market estimate. If your budget is low, opt for only cosmetic changes like the paint or few fixtures inside or just a new sink to name a few.

Modern black and white washbasin stand with glass shelf

There can be several other ways you can save money on your bathroom remodeling designs. Here are few:

Limit the number of tiles

Tiles are expensive. To save money, don’t use tiles all over the floor and wall. Instead, focus only on the high-impact areas like the floor. Or you could tile one horizontal strip along the wall and paint the rest of the wall. You can also use few artistic tiles here and there combining it with less expensive ones.


Repainting is one of the cheapest ways and effective ways to give your bathroom a new makeover. However, make sure you cover the interiors properly before painting the walls and the ceiling.

Save on counter tops

Choose the color, finish and size of the granite counter top. You can also pick one with imperfections and can camouflage it with the placement of sink and other details.

Modern Residential Home Bathroom

Focus and update fixtures

Concentrate on the little details like light fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pulls and update them with a very little investment. A little makeover done on these can create a lot of difference in the way your bathroom looks. And it doesn’t cost a bomb either.

In Los Angeles bathroom remodeling services are provided by several companies as per your budget and requirements. Home Remodeling in Los Angeles by RAP Construction Group offers you 3D representation of your project to give you an insight of the final makeover. Contact them or call them for a free estimate and consultation.

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