Bathroom Remodeling for Appropriate Ventilation

In a bid to steer away from foul smells, dirt and poor hygiene, homeowners purchase the best toilet cleaners and disinfectants to keep their bathroom space welcoming, hygienic and clean. In fact, the floors and doormats are also well scrubbed to maintain a healthy and hygienic bathroom. However, most of them neglect the need for appropriate ventilation. Of course, the bathroom does house a window, which mostly fails miserably in keeping the excess moisture, humidity, mold, mildew and bad odor away.

Restroom interior in light tone

So, appropriate ventilation is essential for a healthy, comfortable and hygienic bathroom space. However, if your bathroom falls short of this, then bathroom remodeling Los Angeles is required for installing proper ventilation.

The Importance of Ventilation in Bathrooms

However, before hitting the first nail on the wall, it is important for homeowners to understand the need for appropriate ventilation in the bathroom (besides the window).

  • Bathroom spaces are always high on moisture and humidity levels. In the absence of exhaust ventilation, this promotes the buildup of mold and mildew. It is not only a blemish in your well designed bathroom space, but also causes breathing problems. What’s more, mold and mildew result in peeling wallpaper, damaged woodwork and ruined walls.
  • High humidity levels in the bathroom and across the home enhance the warmth in the house. This is countered by decreasing the thermostat temperature of the cooling system; which results in escalating energy bills.
  • Foul odor is common in bathroom spaces. No one would like to use a bathroom with a bad, mushy odor. Exhaust ventilation systems throw out the bad smell and funnel in fresh air, which results in a more comfortable and pleasant bathroom space.
  • Excess moisture and humidity also damage the roof and ceiling.

If you are a witness to these characteristics in your bathroom space, a good idea is to install an exhaust ventilation system while renovating the bathroom.

Installing a Ventilation system

Simply installing a new exhaust fan or replacing the old one with a new one may not be the key to a perfectly ventilated bathroom. Sometimes, the old fan may not be ventilating properly. In fact, the exhaust fan may not be properly ducted outside. It is important to check the entire system during bathroom remodeling Los Angeles. Experienced and knowledgeable contractors can handle this efficiently.

Modern black and white washbasin stand with glass shelf

The right vent fan also plays an important role in ensuring proper ventilation in the bathroom.

Here are some tips to make the right choice.

  • Gone are the days when the noise of the exhaust fan was capable of driving your sleep away. Exhaust fans are much quieter now. However, the quieter the fan, the higher the price.
  • The size of the fan must be in tune with the size of the bathroom. A small fan may be unable to throw out the warm air of a big bathroom.
  • Ensure that the exhaust is vented to the outdoors and is installed properly to ensure perfect ventilation.
  • For the best results, get the fan cleaned professionally once or twice a year.

So, enjoy comfort and pleasantness in the bathroom with a proper ventilation system.

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