Thumb Rules for Successful Remodeling

Home remodeling tasks including kitchen remodeling and Los Angeles bathroom remodeling are fun-filled and exciting. Add to it the expectation of a more appealing and beautiful living space. However, what tags along is bleeding bank accounts and stress.

The good news is that the thumb rules mentioned below can save homeowners from both and result in successful remodeling.

Modern bathroom interior with big cabinet and two mirrors

Rules of Thumb

Here’s the list

  • Of course, it is tempting to add new cabinets, upgraded appliances and a dash of color to the kitchen. However, if you do not intend to stay in the house for more than five years, then this is wasteful investment.
  • Expecting a change of property value in your neighborhood in the next few years is like a walk in the clouds. Remodeling the house with an expectation to match the anticipated increase in the neighborhood value could be a costly mistake.
  • However, if something is broken, give it top priority and avoid considering the above two points. For; a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Outdoor space is as valuable and important as the indoor living space. So, avoid eliminating the yard while considering remodeling. If the inner space is appealing, but outdoor space needs remodeling, take it up.
  • DIY remodeling is a big mistake. Hire an experienced, expert and knowledgeable contractor and step out of the way for the best results.
  • Work out the math and invest in remodeling only as much as the enhancement in property value.
  • Adding a second storey is tempting to enhance appeal and space in the house. However, this would require you to understand the legalities of construction. Additions without complying with legalities may result in undue complications.


Follow these while remodeling and watch your home transform into the beautiful space of your dreams. Also, hiring expert remodeling contractors is the key to success.

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