How to Make Remodeled Bathroom Look like a Million Bucks

It is probably in every homeowner’s to-do list to renovate the bathroom and giving it a completely new look. Remodeling a bathroom not only opens the gate to make your house more enjoyable, it also adds a lot of value to the home.

So here’s what you should consider with doing bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles:

Remodeling cost: Budget is definitely a pillar point to think about and decide when you are doing a bathroom renovation project. The cost will depend on the size of your bathroom and the quality of materials used for the renovation. Budget the plumbing fixtures too along with the little accessories such as towel racks, soap dishes, bath mats and more.

dimmer light

Lighting: Similar to how you think about the lighting in your bedroom or study, bathrooms also need to have specific brightening options. It is all the more important when there is little to no natural light coming in the bathroom. Overhead lighting often is a good idea as it brightens a huge space with equal force. Dedicated task lights for the shower, bug and the toilet also looks appealing.

Layout: To make in stark change in the visual appeal, bathrooms are remodeled in a way to hide the toilet. It can mean adding a wall, door or even a vanity where the toilet can be tuck behind. Sometimes, using a hutch or shelving can also serve the same purpose if none of the above mentioned options fit your budget.

Modern black and white washbasin stand with glass shelf

Water-efficient fixtures: You will be using the fixtures on a daily basis, so it is not wise to cut the budget on these items. Moreover, the water-efficient fixtures can save big on your water bills. It would be better to highlight on the quality than on the design.

Being trend: With remodeling, you won’t actually want to just fix the taps and pipes but also want give it a trendier look. Going frameless is a modern style with Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling and it also minimizes the amount of hardware installation.

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