Interesting Improvements in the Old Bathroom

A bathroom often seems like an insignificant room in the house. What’s more, it even occupies lesser space compared to the bedrooms, living room, and other more important rooms in the house.

The Important Bathroom

However, in reality, the bathroom is one of the important spaces in the house and cannot be neglected. It is the place where you start and end your day. A bathroom should therefore, boast of both comfort and appropriate functionality. So, if any of these are missing, it’s time for bathroom remodeling. Moreover, bathroom remodeling enhances the value of your home and updates its style. It is therefore, a good idea to make improvements to an otherwise old bathroom.  

Modern bathroom interior with big cabinet and two mirrors

Without doubt, a bathroom must be well designed for appeal. However, too much focus on design and appeal at the cost of utility is a grave mistake. So, the first and foremost thing you must keep in mind while remodeling is to give due importance to utility as well as design.

Improvements in the Bathroom

Here is a list of improvements that not only add appeal to the bathroom, but also make it more comfortable and better suited to your needs.

  • Updating the style is one of the important purposes of bathroom remodeling. Installing a hidden tank toilet instead of the older one adds appeal to the bathroom. Moreover, these kinds of toilets save the precious space of the bathroom. What’s more, the low flow models in the hidden tank toilets reduce water flow, thus, saving water each time you flush.
  • Slips and falls in the bathroom are more common than in any other place around the house; thanks to the presence of water and soap. To avoid this and add appeal to the bathroom, install small, textured tiles on the floor. The close lay out keeps the feet from getting wet and thus, avoids slips. As these tiles are available in various designs, colors, and textures, you can choose one that adds value to the bathroom’s look and feel.
  • Many people fancy a bathtub in their bathroom. It is undoubtedly, a great addition to the bathroom; unless it remains unused for weeks and months. As bath tubs eat away a large chunk of space in the bathroom, install one only if you use it. Else, a shower is certainly better.
  • Humidity is a big NO-NO in the bathroom space. In fact, it also leads to mold buildup, which is certainly an eye sore. This happens due to lack of ventilation. So, install a window in the shower and let the vapor escape.
  • To save space and avoid ruining the appeal of the bathroom, a cabinet behind the window or a few inches inside the wall is great. You get both storage and appeal.
  • Natural light is often missing in the bathroom. So, bright lights are a must in the bathroom. However, to add appeal, you can adorn the bathroom with lights that are both appealing to look at and bright.

Modern Residential Home Bathroom

So, add these features to your existing bathroom space for enhanced appeal, increased comfort, and better functionality.

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